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Social groups in Leeds

These are not necessarily singles only groups

This is a group for everyone who is interested in making new friends for going to cafe, eating out etc. we welcome everyone to the group let's expand our social circle....More >>
This group isn't intended to replace any others out there.. A lot of social networks and clubs out there seem to have a majority of members in their mid 30s onwards, so I would like to canva...More >>
This group is for anybody in and around Tameside, who want to get out more, meet new people and have a better social life. We mostly stay within Tameside as that was the whole reason I start...More >>
We are a group based in West Yorkshire, for people who want to climb or have days out in the hills and mountains. The group has being going for 4 yrs. now (as at Mar.'15). We have found that...More >>
Looking to expand your social life, meet new friends and do exciting things? Why not join the Bradford In Crowd? We are a friendly group holding events such as social get togethers; meals ou...More >>
Skiing for Over 50 Singles Do you go on winter sports holidays alone? Join us and go with friends. Both skiers and snowboarders are welcome. Even if people are of wildly differing ability, i...More >>
We are a local group who aim to meet up for a range of fantastic, diverse activities in the Ilkley vicinity. From chilled jazz evenings to ambles on the moor, from theatre visits to pub quiz...More >>
Hello and welcome! We are a friendly and diverse group of people who enjoy walking and spending time in the 'great outdoors'. We are interested in meeting up with other people from the local...More >>
Leeds needs a book group! Having just moved to the area I can see there is a dirth of groups for book and literature lovers. This must change! I don't read anywhere near enough but a group l...More >>
This is a group for lovers of food who would like to engage their taste buds in trying all that Leeds & surrounding areas have to offer. And also for those who would like to develop, share o...More >>
What will the future be like? Why do bald dogs have bad teeth? Can the economy grow forever? What is a good life? What does sustainability mean? Tell me, who is Ptolemy? What's 'the alternat...More >>
This is about creating a socialising group for all ages that is simply based on meeting up and having fun. Events as diverse as Pub quiz's to Monthly Restaurant Visits, Rambles to Pizza and ...More >>
The Dine and Date Social Group is where single people can meet each other in relaxed groups on fun days & nights out. Members are encouraged to suggest and organise meetups and use the group...More >>
Very excited to announce our sessions for 2015 will commence again on Tuesday 5th May 2015! Life drawing weekly sessions run on a Tuesday 7-9pm. Short poses in a relaxed, welcoming atmospher...More >>
About the club The Lidget Green Walking and outdoor activities club was set up for the purpose of promoting healthy lives in the local and surrounding areas of Bradford. The aim of the Lidge...More >>
THE YORKSHIRE WALKING GROUP The aim of The Yorkshire Walking Group is to bring together like minded people of all ages who want to enjoy a range of walks. Our walks range from 4 mile evening...More >>
York IVC is a member-run social club in York which is great if you're new in town and want to expand your social circle. Our members put on a wide variety of events including nights on the t...More >>
This group is about meeting people, making new friends and improving your social life. Events are put on by members, so it should appeal to all people of all age groups and backgrounds, coup...More >>
Welcome to Over 30s Social Group Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield Historically the group was set up aimed at the over 35's age group and this theme has continued ever since however there are no...More >>
FAQ Q: What’s the group about? A: It's about bringing music and art lovers together for an eclectic range of gigs, concerts, plays, exhibitions, comedy shows, social gatherings, and any othe...More >>
Stuck at a loose end, all your friends doing the couple/family thing - just fancy a night out, good company, few drinks, hear some music, nice meal, theatre, walking, interested to meet some...More >>
To join, please use a recognisable photograph of yourself. Only members in this group can see your profile. This group was formed in May 2014 for physically fit walkers and not for people wh...More >>
Hi everyone, welcome to the 20s social group! This is for anyone in their 20s who have found themselves in York and want to meet up with new people. Perhaps you've moved here for work, perha...More >>
Are you ready to TriflewithDanger!? This group is specifically designed for those people who are sick and tired of the same old, same old when it comes to things happening in and around Leed...More >>
We are a group for local people to meet and socialise. We would like to organise a variety of meetups including theatre, walks, live music, cinema, pub quiz's, dining. We are a group led gro...More >>
Hi ... Welcoming ladies 40+ interested in broadening their social circle! ... Maybe new to the area..recently have grown up and left home,want to boost your social life or just...More >>
uDare! is about seeking and experiencing adventure - from one day activities or short weekends away to international trips. It's about excitement, stretching yourself, seeing stunning places...More >>
New: For a more detailed account of what to expect from this group, check out our Survival Guide: click here. Assumptions are not data but we are all guilty of occasionally treating them as ...More >>
There must be other young professionals in Huddersfield! Lets get together for a drink or something to get to know each other and let's make time for time off. Suggestions for meet-ups very ...More >>
This group is for anyone that is looking to get together with other people and do ordinary day in day out stuff that makes us smile. It isn't a singles only / male only / female only group -...More >>
This group is all about being awesome. Sharing stories, fun and laughter with people that are trying to be the best that they can be. Personal or professional, we will discuss the tips, tool...More >>
A walking group for people with (or without) dogs. The aim is to offer two walks a week one on a weekend and one mid week evening walk. This is a chance for people in and around the Doncaste...More >>
I've decided to start this group to cater for people who want to walk during the week. All walks will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays where possible and will be between 5 and 10 miles. I will t...More >>
A social group to meet, talk about and learn about different ways to achieve well being and lightness in your life. Run by an experienced hypnotherapist, the idea of the meetup is to have th...More >>
This is a planned, once a month open group to any one who loves to listen to live music in a friendly and safe venue. Who wants a night out, to meet people and make new friends, to have a so...More >>
This group was made to bring technology lovers together. The world of technology is a huge area, and ever expanding. All genders and age groups are welcome. If you enjoy stimulating conversa...More >>
• Want to learn to be more social? • Want to learn to connect on a deep level? • Want to overcome social anxiety? • Interested in learning what attracts the opposite sex? • Want better healt...More >>
This group is for anyone interested in kick-starting or expanding their social life in York and who likes activities such as walks, days out, live music, cinema trips, theatre, comedy and of...More >>
Robin Hood Meetup is a fun and friendly group full of people who want to meetup for regular activities. If you have just moved to the area and want to meet new people, or are just looking to...More >>
Think Sex in the City, meets Friends! This is a space where us women can talk, laugh, go out, eat out, anything you can think of without judgement from anyone. Are you new to the area or rec...More >>
This group is for open for anyone interested in the simple enjoyment of drinking tea and/or coffee, chocolate etc. (and most probably nibbling cakes) in the company of others! It is about me...More >>
I have set up this group for those who are interested in getting together for pre-dinner drinks and dinner in York/York area. As far as I can see there appears to be a fair amount of similar...More >>
Leeds & Harrogate IVC Social Group has been established for over 50years and now has around 190 paid-up members, with lots of varied events every month (most are private to IVC members).  We...More >>
Ciao tutti! A group for anyone who loves Italy, speaks Italian, wants to learn Italian, or who is Italian. Inspired by the Harrogate French Meet up group and by the number of French people l...More >>
This is a group for people who enjoy the fun of taking part in board games and quizzes, including the social aspects of meeting up in each other's houses and pubs. Anyone who enjoys these as...More >>
Join me at Shipley Library Wednesday mornings at 10 am for Mini Music Makers, a singing group for children 0-3 and their parents. We play with percussion instruments, sing traditional songs ...More >>
Welcome to the "Free Thinkers Group." This group is aimed at anyone who has a deeper interest in life, themselves and reality. It’s for people who are into alternative topics that wouldn’t n...More >>
Hi, we're a friendly and fun social Meetup group with an international flavour and we're open to all.  If maybe you have come to the UK from overseas, or have lived abroad at some point, per...More >>
Amis Francophones et Francophiles d'Harrogate, bienvenue ! Un groupe pour se retrouver et partager en francais, rencontres et evenements sympas seront organises regulierement donc rejoignez ...More >>
This a social network for people who experience or have experienced depression, and want to make connections with others who "know what it's like". Depressive disorders and accompanying illn...More >>
I thought I'd start a Meetup group to give all the rock music and metal lovers a chance to get together with fellow fans of this brilliant music genre, and enjoy it together.. whether at a l...More >>
[b][color=purple]Welcome to the Huddersfield & Wakefield Women's Social Group![/color][/b] Relaxed, informal, social group aimed towards women aged from around 30-60+ who enjoy socialising. ...More >>
Sometimes it's nice to have a group nearer to home. Bingley is regaining its identity, lets use its businesses, open spaces, visit nearby places, both indoor and out. How about meeting up fo...More >>
Adventure & Social Club for Adults with events all over Yorkshire. Spice Yorkshire is a membership based club with over 800 members. We run approximatley 80-100 events each month with lots o...More >>
Meet with others interested in personal development, well being, positive psychology, spirituality & related subjects. We have varied backgrounds & outlooks & conversation is never dull! I h...More >>
A social group for ballroom and Latin American dancers of all ages and abilities. We organise monthly socials in Harrogate, as well as occasional party nights and tea dances. All our events ...More >>
If you are lonely or bored... Just moved to the area & want to make new friends.. Are you looking for a social life that is safe for you to attend on your own... Do you want to have fun? ......More >>
Effective Altruism is applying evidence, reason and rationality to the goal of making the world a better place. Examples: giving to the most cost-effective charities, volunteering with the m...More >>
This group is about making friends and having fun. It is about being spontaneous, going with the flow and choosing what we want to do. There will be some structure and planned events but in ...More >>
Come Dine With Us! Like dining out, casual conversation and general socialising with others? Single or attached, kids or no kids, male or female? We would like to meet new people and explore...More >>
You have the kids and your partner or other friends are working or busy, or you'd just like some adult company whilst the kids play and you all get to make some new friends... This is the gr...More >>
The meet up purpose is to create a nice friendly group for people in the Wakefield and surrounding areas of Yorkshire so we can meet up for Quizzes, Nights out, bowling, dancing, partying, w...More >>
Tired of being single. Fed up of waiting to be seduced? Here is your chance to practice and learn flirting. No one in this group is an expert. We are all bad at it. But practice makes perfec...More >>
This is a group for anyone who would consider themselves or have an interest in feminism and the feminist movement. Whether you're an active campaigner or an armchair supporter of the cause,...More >>
Stuck at a loose end, all your friends doing the couple/family thing, or are you new to York - just fancy a night out, good company, few drinks, hear some music, nice meal, theatre, comedy, ...More >>
This is a group for fun-loving over 40's singles to meet, make new friends and organise a great social life - come along and make suggestions for future events. Anything from live theatre, m...More >>
We meet once a month in a beautiful venue in Knaresborough to have dedicated time sewing or creating, while sharing ideas, learning from each other and socialising. St Johns Hall is brand ne...More >>
Are you a female wishing to meet new friends, expand your current social network or just meet new people in general to share some fun time with? Then maybe this is the group for you! I have ...More >>
The river Wharfe stretches from Langstrothdale above Buckden to meet the river Ouse near Cawood. Over a distance of 60 miles, it passes through some of the most beautiful parts of Yorkshire....More >>
friendly group for friendly people of all ages who like to socialise, make friends and have fun,fun,fun :))) This is an open group so everyone can see our events. To join decide what you wou...More >>
The idea is simple, go out as a group and take photos. Any age, any level of experience, any kind of camera, any media (digital, film). West Yorkshire has a wealth of cities, villages and co...More >>
Hi, We are Yorkshire FC! A Mens & Womens Futsal, 11 & 5 aside Football Club for all ages, abilities, skills & experience levels. Blog - LIKE on FACEBOOK: >>
This group is open to everyone. For people who are new to Leeds or those that want to enhance their social lives. We schedule a wide variety of events all year round including evening and da...More >>
Thanks for looking at this group. Before you decide on joining, please read the following. We are not affiliated with Ramblers Yorkshire, as we are a separate walking group entirely.  If you...More >>